The story of
City for City

CITY FOR CITY was born out of a corner stone of our design agency, a belief in using design as a tool to improve society. We achieve this by placing humans at the centre of everything we create. At this point in time, user centricity — human centricity — is desperately needed.

With this in mind, we wanted to find a way to contribute. We wanted to help the local businesses and communities that are adapting to this new situation.

Idean Norway

This site is made on a voluntary basis by Idean Norway. Idean is a leading strategic design agency. We have a strong and creative community with 700+ problem solvers globally, with the goal of challenging and innovating. In Norway, we are a nice bunch who are designing for a better society from our studies in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo.

Are you a little stuck now? Contact us, we can help you see new opportunities in a challenging time.

UN Global Compact Norway

We are proud to have UN Global Compact Norway as a partner. UNGC is United Nation’s organization for sustainable business and the world’s largest sustainability initiative for businesses, with 10,500 corporate members globally. UNGC Norway’s HQ is in Oslo, heading activities across Norway. Capgemini is a proud member of UNGC.

Participating Cities

Here are the cities using this platform